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Zoom Natural Black Star Diopside Halo Ring 925 Silver
Zoom Natural Black Star Diopside Halo Ring 925 Silver
Zoom Natural Black Star Diopside Halo Ring 925 Silver

Natural Black Star Diopside Halo Ring 925 Silver

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Size Chart

Name: Black Star Diopside with Chrome Diopside & White Zircon Silver Ring

Product Code: R2604BSD-Y2

Available Size: Made to order ring

Approximate Ring Weight: 6.62 Gram (Varies with Size & Plating)

Main Gemstone: Black Star Diopside

Main Stone Cut: Cabochon Oval

Main Gemstone Color: Black

Setting: Prong

Main Gemstone Quantity: 1

Approximate Main Gemstone Carat Weight: 7.45 carat

Approximate Stone Size: 10 x 12 mm

1st Accent Gemstone: Chrome Diopside

Accent Stone Cut: Round Cut

Accent Color: Green

Setting: Prong

Accent Stone Quantity: 28

Approximate Accents Carat Weight: 0.31 carat

Approximate Accent Size: 1.3 mm

2nd Accent Gemstone: Zircon

Accent Stone Cut: Round Cut

Accent Color: White

Setting: Prong

Accent Stone Quantity: 176

Approximate Accents Carat Weight: 1.50 carat

Approximate Accent Size: 1.1 mm

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

Plating: 0.5 Micron Yellow Gold

Approximate Metal Weight: 4.77 gram

Style: Halo

Jewelry Type: Women's Rings


The stunning cabochon cut Black Star Diopside Gemstone Stone is a marvel in itself. Also known as the “Black Star of India”, this gem comes with an enigmatic white four-pointed star that shines against an inky black sky, which makes it one of its kind. Diopside gets its name from the Greek terms ‘di’ meaning ‘two’ and ‘opsis’ meaning ‘vision’. The stone gets its particular cabochon cut in order to increase the brilliance of its star or asterism effect.

Chrome diopside has long been used to boost creative vision and awareness. This green gemstone is also thought to be able to improve intellect and encourages the desire of one to learn. According to metaphysical beliefs, chrome diopside is used to help alleviate aggression or stubbornness while in turn enhancing love and commitment. Green diopside is said to be connected to the heart chakra.

White Zircon is a highly transparent, colourless, semi-precious gemstone of the Nesosilicates mineral family. In vedic astrology, it exists as a substitute (upratna) of precious diamond and is worn to bring improvement in wearer's creative abilities, financial position, health and matrimonial relationship

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Note: Made to order ring takes 7-10 business days.


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